FMD Links Nigeria is an indigenous firm that provide a unique solutions of making sure your vehicles are safe at all time. We understand the frustration it could get if your vehicle is being snatched away at a gun point, hijack or if you dealing with insincere drivers in most cases. We have got you covered and we want you to know you are in good hands.

We have three major packages for your purposes and wallets: Regular, Compact and Compact Plus Options. Each of these options come with unique but similar features to protect your vehicles and your businesses.

REGULAR OPTION: This allows you to take charge of your vehicle with your mobile phone whether smartphone or not. It provides you with the pleasure of knowing the exact location of your vehicles via google map or SMS (Absolute Street Address). Please note that location through google map is always the preferred and most accurate. This option is good for personal vehicles.

COMPACT OPTION: This gives you all the benefits of Regular Options. In addition to that, it allows you to track your vehicle via our award winning mobile app. Visit Google Playstore or Apple Store to download our App (GPS Server Mobile). We will create an account for you with a password on our server and you can login then start tracking by just opening the app, within 3 seconds you can know where your vehicle is, know the speed and know where the driver is heading to. You can as well track on your computer. This option is good for personal or commercial vehicles like Uber, Taxify, Cabs and companys’ vehicles.

COMPACT PLUS OPTION: This gives you all the features of Regular and Compact Options combined and more. It provides a comprehensive ways and methods of managing your vehicles ranging from just one vehicle to the fleet of vehicles. Fleet Management Options include Mileage calculation, History record, Over speed alert, Zone in/out, Events, Services and so on. You can view, download and print history movement of your vehicles for up to 3 months. This option is great for commercial purposes.

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