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Standalone auto-tracking and fast facial recognition are some of the features of our patented technologies. F. Madik Links provides We provide intelligent standalone biometric cameras solutions to transform CCTVs into cutting-edge camera robots. Each suited to match your needs in the house, outside and on the go. We offer military 256-bit encrypted P2P networks, intelligent cloud analytics, and flexible cloud storage.

Our range of products include:

Indoor and Outdoor Biometric Camera Robots, and Smart Pet & Baby Monitors

Indoor Biometric Camera Robot

Smart wireless indoor camera for home and office.

Outdoor Biometric Camera Robot

Outdoor cameras that can be placed virtually anywhere.

Smart Pet & Baby Monitors

Position the camera in the nursery watch and save all the adorable moments.

Demonstration of a few features

Fire Warning

Take immediate action when possible fire is spotted.
(Available on select models & plans)

Fast Facial Recognition for 10 Faces

Upgrade facial recognition from 4 to 10 faces.

Human Detection

Notifies you when a person is detected vs. general motion.

Vehicle Detection

Be notified when a vehicle parks on your property.

Heat Mapping

See the most frequented spots in your home - at a glance.

Path Tracking

Keep track of family members around the house, and learn more when an intruder is detected.

Put intelligence into security with these smart services!

Stand-Alone Pan & Tilt Auto-Tracking

Reduce the cost of installing multiple cameras and eliminate blind spots

Fast Facial Recognition

Be alerted when your kids are home after school.

Activity & Blockout Zone

Minimize false alarms caused by natural background movement.

Automatic Video Quality Adjustment

Bandwidth is monitored to deliver seamless, uninterrupted live streaming.

256-bit Military Encryption

Same encryption technologies used by NASA and Pentagon to ensure total privacy.

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Expandable features and benefits!

Fast Facial Recognition

Upgrade facial recognition from 4 to 10 faces.

Human & Vehicle Detection

Notifies you when a person is detected vs. general motion.

Intelligent Heat Map Display

Determine areas of highest activity.

10-Second Video Playback Alert

See activity alerts in video format.