• 1080p FHD Wi-Fi Camera• IP66 Weather Resistant• Human Detection• Two-Way Communication• Crystal Clear Night Vision• Human Voice Greeting• Motion & Audio Triggered Notifications• 256-bit Military Grade Encryption• Patent-Pending Voice Print Technology• Fast Facial Recognition• Vehicle Detection• Fire Warning.

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Demonstration of the camera

Patent-Pending Voice Print

Voice Print increases the level of accuracy in identification when paired with facial recognition. Voice Print is capable of identifying human voices and differentiating between users.

Powerful Night Vision

Athena can give you a clear view into the dark.

Fire Warning

It uses A.I. computer vision with real-time image frame analysis to spot potential fires up to 20 feet away!

Human Detection

Even if someone’s face is obscured, Athena can identify a human and alert you before they get close to your property.

IP66 Weather Resistant

Designed for every place in mind, Athena's robust quality can withstand harsh weather conditions from -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C).

Vehicle Detection

Distinguish between people and cars to drastically reduce the number of false alarms throughout the day!




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