We are the leading security system provider in Nigeria.

We have established our reputation at the forefront of security companies in Nigeria, utilizing a wide range of the most advanced security systems and leading security means using the latest methods, technological equipment and knowledge.

Our range of Security products include:


Access control packages that integrate with your CCTV and other security systems. We enhance your access control and time & attendance systems with biometric access control and other affordable reader types – fingerprint locks, RF, MiFare, etc. Easy enrollments with fingerprint scanners


Intelligent burglar alarm systems that integrate with your home automation and security camera system and will alert you of any unwarranted intrusion. Alarm state changes can be triggered via schedules, remote arming or key-switch controls. We also stock wireless panic alarm systems.


High Definition home or office surveillance camera system that you can monitor from anywhere on well structured layouts on your mobile device. From IP cameras, spy cameras, hidden cameras to other types of security cameras and recorders, we provide modern video surveillance solutions.


Our fire alarm system will protect your people and assets; from early detection to notification and suppression. We have conventional and addressable smoke detectors and sounders, fire extinguishers, sounders, manual call points, etc.

Identity and Access Management

Our identity and access management solutions enable the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons, in any organization or home.

Electric Fence

Our Electric Fence will protect the perimeter of your premises from an unauthorized access.