TD160 Table Location Guest Locator System for Restaurant Bars Pubs


Ordering instruction

1、Customers can provide the following information, and we will provide the best purchasing plan according to the information.

*The size of the table [length and width] and the corresponding quantity

*Table number [easy to configure table locator]

*If the table has a special shape, such as an all-metal table, you need to take a picture [on the back of the table].

*The layout of the restaurant, if any, is the most ideal.

According to the above information, we will provide the locator installation diagram and the optimal configuration scheme for the customer.

2、The meal overtime setting (this function needs to be set before leaving the factory) is not set by default. If the customer needs, please provide specific time requirements according to the actual situation, starting from the guest sitting [sensing to the menu]. After the expiration of the time, the corresponding information will be displayed on the display.

3、The above products cannot work alone, they must be matched together.

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