Enhance your lifestyle by combining cutting edge technology with the benefits of Homini. the system can be individually programmed to suit your lifestyle; taking the level of comfort and convenience in your home further. iSmartHome feature a centralised control that allows you to monitor every aspect of your home with a single tap, using our user-friendly application and control panels.

Control in your pocket.

Improve your smart life experience, provide complete systems including audio visual, lighting control, home automation and smart security, etc...

Our Solutions

In order to enhance the smart life experience of users, we have provided Homini smart home solution.
This solution includes 5 smart systems: Smart lighting, smart security, central condition, appliances control and energy management.


The design and interaction is user-friendly. You do not need an expert.

No wiring is needed, completely a wireless technology.

Communication is stable.

Has support to link with different brands of smart devices.

Power Consumption is extremely Low. To compare with other products.

Reliable smart home cloud platform.


Already compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Speak out the commands to easily control the curtains as your wish.

We are dedicated to developing complete home automation systems and creative smart products, provide users with more convenient, comfortable and secure smart life.
Look forward to cooperating with you!

Some of the Smart Home Features

Control from Anywhere

You can control connected devices from wherever you are with Kancy Smart Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

Ultimate Convenience

You can set schedules a timers for connected devices to let them start /stop work automatically.

Power Consumption

You can view how much energy your devices and appliances are consuming.

Use Offline

If your internet connection goes down or you have no remote access you can still manually control your devices on the smart products themselves.

Why partner with FMDLinks?

  • Our solutions are designed for fast, easy and efficient servicing
  • We have adapted our footprint to better attend to your needs
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership with our service offers
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to reduce component failures

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